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It’s very simple to manage all of your invoicing & billing with our intuitive billing software

What You Will Get In Viva Nation Billing Solution

Subscription Billing

Manage your automated subscription billing with this intelligent billing solution.

Advance Pricing

Tier up product bundle and discount offer easily to catch more customers.

Smart Rate Engine

Assign different rates or prices to different customers without hampering others.

Reseller Billing Software

Power up your distributor or reselling business with our smart reseller billing software.

Invoicing and Billing

Generate automatically recurring invoices and minimize the hassle for reminders.


To smooth your business operation integrate any type of APIs with this billing software.

Intelligent Subscription Billing

Our Intelligent Subscription Billing Engine will accelerate your business to the next level. It’s not limited to SaaS billing software. It works beyond it. You can use it for any type of business, like- online newspaper subscription billing, hospital billing, rental and more.

Automated subscription

To confirm the subscription payment timely, our automated billing follows multiple steps, like- invoicing, reminding, etc.

Service triggering

The intelligent subscription module monitors the payment streaming and triggers the service on/off.

Trial management

Our trial management feature helps you to offer your customer free trials and convert them to regular clients.

Advance Pricing

If you want to offer an advanced pricing system for your customers to supercharge your marketing system, it is possible with our billing solution. You can set many types of rules on pricing, such as- price tier, time tier, location wise sale, automated currency setting based on location, etc.

Price Tier

By using this module you can set bundle product offers. Like- order 1000 units & get a 15% discount or order 500 units & get a 5% discount.

Time Tier

Set different discounts and pricing models for different months at once. And, concentrate on other important tasks!

Location Wise Sale

Set location/country wise discounts and pricing models, like- economic zone, medium zone, expensive zone.

Smart Rate Engine

If you plan to specify different rates or pricing for different customers, this module will help you. Suppose, you have many distributors and you want to assign them different pricing and commission models based on your cost or other factors, you can easily do it by using our smart rate engine. Not only that by using this module you can give them commission in upfront or inherent models. It’s a very powerful tool for both B2B & B2C businesses.

Different Rates For Different Users

Assign different rates to your different distribution channels or customers. Change anytime of anyone’s without affecting others.

Different Commission Models

You can offer commission to your distributor in different models. You can offer it with product price (inherent) or on product price (up front).

Easily Customizable

By applying a percentage or flat formula, you can customize your rate plan easily.

Reseller Billing Software

If you want to reach a huge number of real product users faster, with minimum marketing effort, you should use a reseller based product selling model. This model will help to skyrocket your revenue quickly. You may think the reseller model billing is very complex and tough to maintain. Yes, that’s true. Don’t worry. We’re handling this complex process in our back-end and ensure a simple & user friendly interface for you. By using our billing platform, you can maintain your reselling business billing, collection and disbursement activity easily.

Reseller Billing

Maintain and track your resellers’ business activities and selling.


Collect payment from your end customers on behalf of your resellers.


Automatically, calculate resellers’ commission and disburse.

Invoicing and Billing Software

Recurring billing is really a distracting fact. It reduces productivity. You don’t need to think every month or period about your product/service billing. Our automated billing software will do that part on behalf of you. Just set the logic/requirement and leave the thinking to our software.

Recurring Invoicing

After every specific period an automated invoice will be generated and forwarded to your customers.

Collection Link

You can integrate the payment link to the automated invoice to get the payment quickly.

Automated Reminder

If your customer is unable to pay your invoice timely an automated reminder will be sent.


There is the freedom to integrate your favourite and required applications with our billing software. With APIs you can integrate those applications to confirm the seamless operations of your business. So, you never feel limited. You can happily integrate-

Accounting Software

To maintain every transaction of your business, you can integrate different accounting softwares; like- Xero, QuickBooks, etc.

Inventory Management System

You can integrate your inventory management system to our smart billing system.

Payment Gateway

Any type of payment gateway can be integrated with the billing platform, it may be local or international.

Shopping Cart & Reporting

You can integrate any third party shopping cart and reporting system for tracking overall performance.

CRM- Customer Relationship Management

To ensure flawless communication to your customers, you can integrate any CRM to our system.

Best Fits For

Our billing software is the best fit for any type of business.

You can use it wherever you want. So, we can say that it fits for all.



Web hosting

Cloud metering and billing



Project management

Time and billing

Travel agency


Small business


Courier & logistics


Why choose us?

As our billing software is a smart solution for your business, you will get the following benefits and more.

Better User Experience

Viva Nation Smart Billing Software ensures the easy operation and smooth functionality of its every module.

TAX Calculated

Set the TAX location of your business, and our system will automatically include it in every transaction.

Synchronized Operation

By integrating your required applications to our versatile billing platform, you can synchronize your all business operations.


> How can I get Viva Nation billing software?

Very simple! Knock our support team. They will help you.

> How to install this billing software?

No need to install it. Because it is a cloud based solution. You can use it anywhere, anytime. But, If you want the
whole solution and promote it as your own brand, our engineers will help you to set up it in your infrastructure.

> What is the price of the solution?

It depends on the module, marketing plan, your business model, and so on. Call our support team, they will inform
you the details.

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