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NV Wallet | Fintech Solutions

NV Wallet is a white label fintech solution that will give you a quick return on investment (ROI). It is easy to deploy and increase your revenue as well as build a strong foundation of your business. You can set up your business in International mobile recharge and mobile money anytime. You can also create your own branded solution for B2B’s or B2C’s or both. So, why waste time & money on business development when we are already offering you premium products that are ready to use?

Charity Payment Solutions

Nonprofits have a bunch of work to do regarding fundraising & data management. So, they are always in need of good softwares that will both keep track of their events and establish future strategies by generating fairer reports. You can be their trustworthy partner by providing the best quality charity payment solutions that they need! We can customize our software as per your demand.

Billing Software

Businesses often find it tough to manage all the complex payment collection procedures. It is really time consuming and expensive at the same time. But don’t worry at all. We are here to save your precious time and expenses through the smartest billing solution that you fascinate! Get the best billing solution from Viva Nation.

Branding Services

Who doesn’t crave for a good brand identity? Having a strong brand identity can be a game changer for your business! Here at Viva Nation, we work effectively so that your brand name is recognized among every level of the market. From website building to user experience, from content writing to graphic design, we have all the necessary branding services you need at the moment!

Digital Marketing Services

Digital marketing is the most profitable way to boost sales and generate better leads for you. But the process can be crucial if you do it yourself. That’s why our expert digital marketers do all the digital marketing activities to help you reach your revenue goal and bring a strong customer base. You don’t have to worry about anything. Just wait and watch how we take your business to the next level of success!

IOT as a Service

The technological world is moving to a new generation called Industry Four. Now you can connect all your devices and develop an automated system for the sake of IoT. It can reduce your operating cost and increase productivity of your business. Smart city, smart security, smart home, smart industry, smart parking, smart retailing etc. are the result of IoT. Our expert IoT engineers will consult you on the right way to succeed in your project.

Technological Consultancy

To make your business operation successful, we have a pool of technological services and consultants. Our consultant will help you to develop your IT infrastructure, networking system, cloud system and more. They are ready to protect your business and ensure cyber security. Not only that, we have a group of experts who will help you to manage your service or can dedicatedly work as your remote hand.

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