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NV Wallet is a premium solution that helps your own branded business to expand financially

Main Features

We make your business empowered & create financial inclusion.
Here are the top 5 features that you’ll love about NV Wallet and grow your business.

Top Supplier API Ready

The backend of NV Wallet comes with API ready of world class gateway suppliers. So, it’s very simple to integrate their services with your business. That’s why you don’t need to bother with managing or arranging your gateway suppliers.

Fintech Ecosystem

We provide the perfect combination & balance of the fintech ecosystem such as smart operation, financial action & reporting through next generation financial technology. Through APIs you can connect your favourite or dependent system easily to the platform.

Self Branded Solution

We give you the opportunity to create your own branded fintech service providing system where you can incorporate your own brand name and logo.

Highly Secured

The cutting edge fintech security technology we’ve used to develop the solution. This system is SSL secured, cross site scripting (XSS) secured, SQL injection protected, OTP verified, 256 bit AES cookies as secured, secured session handling system & more…

Financial Software Solutions

We know your financial business pain. Keep relaxing. NV Wallet provides next generation financial software solutions that will reduce your tension and boom your business.

NV Wallet Core Modules

Mobile Credit Recharge

Start your new venture in the mobile credit recharge business by customizing our solution to your preference. You can provide instant mobile top-ups or recharge in both local and International corridors.

How does it work?

By creating resellers & users you can sell top-up & PINs. You can add multiple suppliers to your system and create customized packages. Our solution will allow you to route to the lowest cost offered by your suppliers automatically.

Technical Features

  • Offer customized rates for different users
  • Get notifications when your customer’s balance is low
  • Automatically route to the lowest cost offered by suppliers
  • Smart supplier management system
  • Self-brand implementation facility

Digital Wallet

With digital wallets, your customer can send and receive money worldwide. You can build a business relationship with International mobile wallets such as Upay, Paisa, Bkash, Airtel Money, Paytm, etc.

How does it work?

Suppose Mr. Alex from Italy wants to transfer money to Mr. Bruno in South Africa. He arrives at his nearest POS agent and requests to transfer the money. Then the agent executes the transaction to Mr. Alex’s desired wallet within seconds through your system.


  • 100% secured, fast & convenient.
  • Have complete control over your payment system.
  • Collaborate with International mobile money service
    providers from all around the world.
  • Enable B2B cross-border mobile money service to your
  • Expand your business reach


NV Wallet e-voucher system helps you create a voucher ecosystem through which you can sell vouchers of various brands. Not only that, your customers can exchange a voucher from one brand to another. Our electronic voucher solutions easily alliance with any e-commerce platform.

How does the voucher business work?

For example, Mr. Benjamin is a Nigerian citizen now living in Italy. He wants to send a local store food voucher to his wife, Mrs. Alicia, back in Nigeria. So he visits the nearest (your) vendor in his community and requests to send the voucher by giving a personal mobile number of his wife. The vendor sends the request to your system (NV Wallet). The system was already integrated with local food shops in Nigeria. So its routes to the desired food store and executes a voucher purchase. After that, the system provides a voucher code to Mrs. Alicia’s mobile number. She can now collect food from that store simply by showing the voucher code to the shop owner. In the same way, you can do business with different types of vouchers like- grocery vouchers, food vouchers, gift vouchers, and more.

How does the voucher exchange work?

For example, Mr. Eugine has come to your vendor to exchange his existing voucher for H&M with Argos. Then your vendor requests a voucher exchange in your system (NV Wallet). The system provides H&M’s equivalent voucher of Argos to Mr. Eugine.


  • Customizable PIN/Vouchers in your suitable preference.
  • Buy & sell globally popular vouchers.
  • Helps your customers to exchange any voucher from
    one brand to another.
  • Intensify and update your offerings for each season,
    occasion, or event at maximum flexibility.

IOT Modem

With IoT Modem, you can customize your financial structure by reducing the dependency on third-party suppliers. Using this modem, you can make transactions automatically (e.g., mobile recharge, mobile money, etc.)

How does it work?

For example, Mr. Jean visits your vendor to send a mobile credit recharge to Mr. Potter. Then the vendor passes the transaction to your system. This transaction is executed through your own infrastructure IoT modem without depending on any supplier. By reducing costs, it will maximize your profit.


  • Directly connected to the server
  • No need for PC/Laptop connection
  • Backup time up to 7-8 hours
  • 3 SIM ports
  • Activity display
  • No need for UPS/Electricity backup

Android POS Device

A single device that will bring you profit in multiple ways. Our Android POS Device is a versatile solution if you’re looking for smart business assistance. You can work with various products both locally and Internationally in a single handheld device. It is also a way of smart retailing business. From top-ups to bill payment, from gift vouchers to ticket booking, you can offer every solution to your customers at any time.

How does it work?

For example, Mr. Jean visits your vendor to send a mobile credit recharge to Mr. Potter. Then the vendor passes the transaction to your system. This transaction is executed through your own infrastructure IoT modem without depending on any supplier. By reducing costs, it will maximize your profit.


  • Provide local and International top-up services partnering with top mobile operators.
  • Book bus tickets for the locals or tourists with easy booking features.
  • Buy and sell gift vouchers from Amazon, Netflix, eBay, etc., to your customers.
  • Make bills and print receipts faster than traditional POS systems.
  • Expand your business with the utility bill payment service (Gas, Water, Electricity, Cable, etc.).
  • Earn more by paying less for an intelligent device with a hassle-free operating system.
  • You can include products and services from top brands to your single device and sell them.

B2B Ecommerce

NV Wallet is the perfect solution if you want to build a B2B e-commerce network. Our e-commerce features come with unique financial modules that are “RATE ENGINE,” “TIER BUNDLE PRODUCT,” and so on.

How does it work?

Suppose Quba Electronics has started a B2B eCommerce business. It has begun to sell products like mobile accessories for smaller businesses. It created multiple Tier Bundle Packages via the NV Wallet system. For example-
  • Bundle 1: If a company orders 100 units of mobile accessories, it will get five units free.
  • Bundle 2: If a company requests $10,000, it will get a 10% discount.
Bundles can be divided into different price ranges for various products and customized discount rates for other customers.

Technical Features & Benefits

  • Virtual bulk purchase availability.
  • Preorder facility with advanced payment.
  • Cash on Delivery or online payment available
    as per choice.
  • Purchase products in multiple promotional tiers.
  • Track product payment status.

NV Wallet Comes With Many Other Valuable ADDONS-

Distributor Management

This addon helps you to control your complete business channels. With this system you can track/monitor different levels of your sales funnel such as, distributor, retailer, POS agent & more. By using it, you can assign different business rules (deal) for different levels as well as users.

Delivery Pick Up
Points Management

This addon helps you to manage the overall product delivery system. You can connect and manage product delivery hubs in different regions. Not only that you can track your products’ location, automatically calculate commission and manage different levels of charges through integrating different APIs of different companies. You can get all these features, control & track all the tasks through single interface.

Bill Pay

This addon gives you the freedom to do any type of bill payment service business globally. By API you can integrate any type of legal payment solution with NV Wallet like- electricity bill, dish bill, water bill, gas bill etc.

NV Wallet | Benefits you get

As NV Wallet is a white label fintech solution, you get the following benefits for your business-

Ready made products

All of NV Wallet’s premium products are ready to use and in-house developed. Start your business immediately without spending money & time on business development.

Own brand

Create your own brand identity as soon as you purchase the system. It is ready-made, in-house developed and premium in quality for anyone who wants to start their fintech business and make margin right away.

Be a Part of Progressive Market

Fintech solutions take over the market day by day. Now it’s your time to be a part of the rapidly progressive market with NV Wallet.

Next Generation Fintech Solution

Day by day financial business use cases, situations and models are changing. NV Wallet will keep your business evergreen as it offers a high level of scalability with the latest technology.

Financial Freedom

NV Wallet solutions only provide you the system. But you are incharge of the rest of your business which gives you 100% financial freedom.


Fintech solution refers to software & other latest technologies that provide automated,
improved & high-end financial (B2B & B2C) services.

It’s very simple. Just provide us your brand name and logo with your work order.
Our developers will deliver the solution within a committed time frame.

A mobile wallet solution helps you to expand your business reach in the following ways:
1. Helps you to build both B2B and B2C business & generate new revenue streams.
2. Helps you to create an ecosystem which can create closed-loop trustworthy customers.
3. The full solution is transparent. Thus, it fulfills the growth potential of your business.
4. Stay on top of new tech trends always.

Through the NV Wallet Electronic Voucher Distribution solution, you can do both buy & sell
any kind of voucher and distribute them to your retailers/POS owners. Your customers can
exchange/ redeem the voucher with famous brands as well. You can monitor your
customers’ transactions in detail & your customers can also track voucher redemption rates.

There’s no regional limit with our high-end solution. After purchasing our solution you will get
complete non-territorial rights to grow your business both locally and Internationally.

Our dedicated support team will help you through different means like- WhatsApp, Skype,
ticket creation, and email.

Click here*, and make an appointment with our Customer Support Team. They will cooperate with you.

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