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Necessity of Digital Marketing

More companies are switching to the digital marketing platform along with the conventional marketing to reach more targeted customers. Because over 55% of the global population is currently using the internet. Among them, over 95% of people are using search engines everyday to look for a product or service. The following points will give you a clear idea on why digital marketing is important for your business:


Digital marketing helps you to track every marketing action step by step. You can track responses of individual customers from any specific campaign you want. You can also track customer information & market demand.

Monitoring (Campaign Reach)

Digital marketing lets you monitor your campaign reach that you can’t do with traditional marketing. Suppose, you’re advertising a product on the TV but you can't tell how many people have seen your ad. But through digital marketing, you can easily monitor your campaign reach.

Audience Segmentation

You can segment your target audience through digital marketing very easily. Let’s say, you want to sell a beauty product for women from age 18-40. Traditional marketing doesn’t allow you to choose your specified audience that easily. But through digital marketing, your product will get authentic reach to those targeted audiences you prefer to sell your product.

Measuring & Optimizing

Digital marketing is the flipside of conventional marketing. Here you can measure your campaign success, compare it with past success rates & create reports along with it as an extra benefit. Digital marketing lets you optimize your campaigns strategy anytime you want.

Reach Target Audience & Retarget

Whichever target you set to reach the audience for your campaign, digital marketing always lets you win through the competitive market. Once you achieve a customers interest, even if they don’t purchase your product first time, you can easily retarget them in your next campaign and generate revenue.

We are a Conversion Rate Optimization Agency!

Our conversion rate optimization service will help you skyrocket your business by
increasing leads, sales, and revenue.

Is your business visible to your target audience?

SEO Service for Business

Ensure the maximum visibility of your website on the search engine result page with our SEO services for business at the right time.
Think about looking for a product or service online. You just simply search it on google, right? Suppose you are looking for the best digital marketing agency on google or any search engine and found us on the first page of the search result. Our website appeared in front of you because we optimized our website with the search term you used. Yes, you got it right! That’s the result of Search Engine Optimization. When you optimize your website to increase organic traffic from any search engine, it is called SEO.

Want your business to be visible everywhere online?

Can your customers find out about your business in their local area?

Local SEO services for local companies

Local search engine optimization service helps your business get listed on google local map- so your customers can find you for the services/ products you are offering.
Suppose someone is looking for a specific restaurant around your community. He /she puts related keywords or specific types of restaurants on Google. Google then shows you restaurants within 5 miles of his/her current location. Yes, That’s the result of optimizing your business for local SEO. It helps you generate more local traffic to your website. We will attract your local target customers with our Local SEO services. Our digital marketing services for small businesses ensure your name, address, and phone number (NAP) by conducting local link building.

Wanna get visible online with local map listings on search engines?

Are you missing out on undiscovered customers on social media?

Social Media Marketing Services

With our social media marketing expertise, you can reach and connect with your target audience, which will influence your conversion rate rapidly.
There is a good possibility that you may have a vast audience base undiscovered in social media. Social platforms help you discover and connect with your target audience, increase awareness about your brand, and boost your leads and sales. Whether you’re totally new to social media marketing or just want to double-check your business objectives, Our SMM services will help you create & share content on social media networks so that you can achieve your marketing goals quickly.

Want to discover and reach more target customers?

Not having enough traffic for your business?

Search Engine Advertising

Search Engine Advertising is a paid form of digital marketing that helps you connect with your target audience effectively.
If your website doesn’t get a place on the first page of the search engine result page, don’t worry. You can use the paid form of search engine advertising. With the power of machine learning, search engines know in-depth about your website and social pages audience. Nowadays, search engines play a vital role in digital marketing. There are many ways to advertise on search engines, such as search ads, display ads, shopping ads, and more.

Want your business to be visible everywhere online?

Are you getting enough returns from the email marketing approach?

Result Driven Email Marketing Services

Every day, we get promotional emails to our mailboxes. But do we expect all those emails? Definitely, not. But, we expect some of them and spend our valuable time going through those emails. The reason behind it, the sender’s email marketing strategies are appropriately tuned up with our inbox. It’s vital.
The beauty of email marketing is that if you nurture a quality audience list, it will be your valuable asset. You will get indirect authority over them. You can reach them directly anytime when you want. But, in the other forms of digital marketing, you will never know who your audience is! B2B & B2C businesses worldwide use email marketing to increase sales, brand loyalty & provide necessary information to potential customers or leads. We are an email marketing agency. We will provide customized email marketing strategies based on your products and services. We will build your subscriber list, test email campaigns before delivery, write effective content, and create curiosity among your leads to nurture them.

Are you ready to receive more returns from a customized email marketing approach?

Our Conversion Rate Optimization Consultants
are Ready to Guide you

Once you join us, our conversion rate optimization consultants will guide you through digital transformation journey.
They will provide you with effective marketing strategies for every stage of your funnel to maximize the conversion

Once you join us, our conversion rate optimization consultants will guide you through digital transformation journey. They will provide you with effective marketing strategies for every stage of your funnel to maximize the conversion
Drive High Business Growth with Our Top-Notch Services

We are experts in connecting you to your target audience to generate real-time results. We will use

the proven formula of creative digital marketing mix channels for your business prosperity.

We are experts in connecting you to your target audience to generate real-time results. We will use the proven formula of creative digital marketing mix channels for your business prosperity.

Customized strategies

We provide customized strategies for each campaign and activity and evenly put your audience in the sales funnel to achieve your goals. We generate customized buyer personas, map personalized creative content, and use paid campaigns where it is needed most.

Stay on top of the trend

The search algorithm updates and new tactics & strategies in digital marketing constantly changes. And you may not have time to keep track of all of them. It’s our job to keep your business stay on top of trends so you can keep your customers' attention focused on products or services.

Reach target audience & retarget

Whatever target you set to reach the audience for your campaign, we make you win through the competitive market. Once you achieve a customer's interest, even if they don’t purchase product the first time, we help you easily retarget them in your next campaign and generate revenue.

Extend your internal
marketing team

Regardless of your business size, it’s not possible for your internal team to handle everything at once. That’s not sustainable and also expensive. But if you hire our agency you will get everything in one place. We will team up, in more efficient way and extend the marketing team in more efficient ways for business.

Focus more on

You may have a lot of work to do daily to keep business running. In addition to that If you do online marketing, it will take additional valuable time. Fortunately, we can provide everything you need to make business generate more revenue from digital marketing & focus on productivity.

Get new ideas with
scalable service

We give you freshly baked ideas to provide you with your desired result. We will offer a new perspective of customers and scale our service as business grows. We can greatly benefit you if you’re targeting a new market for your products or services to go online with a bang!

What our customers say’s about us

As our digital marketing services are the best solution for your business, you will get the following benefits and more.

“We have taken the digital marketing service from Viva Nation. We quickly found that their strategic thinking and obvious business acumen created market opportunities that had not been identified within the business earlier. I would highly recommend Viva Nation to anyone who wants to create a complete digital marketing strategy to take their business to the next level with measured results.”
Kelly Walt
“When Viva Nation digital marketing agency started to work for me; my business has had a lot of strength since then. They have saved money by improving performance, and I am now appearing on page one of Google due to their SEO efforts. Their constructive input into my website has also been beneficial. They’ve worked alongside my existing web agency. I don't hesitate in recommending and feel overwhelmed to rate them!”
Gregory Musse
“Working with Viva Nation was a dream come true! I've worked with a number of folks on various websites and have never been satisfied with the results. I appreciate them considering all of my worries while delivering on their promise. The entire crew was passionate about my site design, and they listened to my suggestions and implemented them. I'm overjoyed with the outcomes, and my website is flawless!
Laily Amrin


A full-service digital marketing agency manages all aspects of a company’s online presence. Viva Nation is a full-service digital marketing agency. We will work on your online marketing.

Of course. We take step-by-step CRO audits for individual businesses to find the detailed audit report for you.

It depends on the number of services you take according to your business milestone target.

Digital marketing is the umbrella term of marketing online, while social media marketing is one aspect of digital marketing.

You can track your website’s traffic by using various tracking tools to analyze your website’s performance, like google analytics and more.

Every business niche is different from another. But it usually takes 4-6 months to get organic traffic through local SEO. But Ranking for a specific keyword may take four months to 2 years depending on your site’s history, business location, type of industry, etc.

You can measure the search engine marketing effectiveness via Organic Traffic, Keyword Ranking, SERP Visibility, Click-Through Rate, and more.

It varies from business to business. Different companies use different ways to lead. Yet you can use Forms, use lead generation offers, offer freebies, use social media, etc., to build your email list. Our strategic experts will help you through which method is most effective for your email list building.

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