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Our Solutions
It’s really important to get the right path and technological support to succeed in any business. We are offering a number of
technological solutions to make you win.

Technical Support Specialist

Our technical support specialists are ready to work on behalf of your product or business.

Business IT Service

Get the right infrastructure for your business with the proper direction of consultants.

Outsourced Managed Service

Our managed service experts are here to work with you as your extended business team.

Network Service Consultancy

Build a secured and uninterrupted network for your business with industry experts.

Cloud Consultant

To get the best architecture of your cloud and security, talk to the right consultants.

Cyber Security

Ensure the protection of cyber attack & all of your business vulnerable situations.

Remote Hands

Build your virtual team for your business with our skilled and experienced manpower.

Technical Support Specialist

Are you looking for technical support specialists? Don’t worry. We have a pool of experts and experienced technical support specialists. They will cooperate with you to confirm the smooth operations of your business. You can hire them for both on-site or off-site operations.


We offer the consulting services to design the process of technical support for your business.


Our specialized technical employees will help to execute support tasks according to the process map.


Through different project management software you can track the team and get the report instantly.

Business IT Service

To run any business smoothly the exact infrastructure is essential. If it has any loophole, your business will fall into big trouble. So, before developing it, you must talk to experts. Our business IT experts will help you to cover your business.


Our consultant will guide you for the right infrastructure which is suitable for your business.


Our technical team will help you to implement the infrastructure under your control.


If you need any support team to maintain your infrastructure, here are also experts.

Outsourced Managed Service

Reduce your business cost significantly by hiring a remote team. In-house IT team building consumes a huge amount of money, time and resources. For a startup, it is also a great burning issue. Don’t worry. We are lessening your pain.

Project based

For any specific project or task you can hire our project based team.

Time or contract based

If you need to do low scale or ongoing projects you can hire our time based team.

Dedicated team

If you think you need a dedicated team as a part of your project, we have also.

Network Service Consultancy

The crucial thing of this modern era is to establish a secured network. A properly designed network makes everything connected and increases the smoothness of operations. Again, it brings anxiety if it is a lack of proper planning. Our experts will help you to get the right one.


Firstly, our team will analyze your business requirements.


Then, network consultants will design the overall structure & services of the network.


Finally, our technical team will cooperate with deploying the overall system.

Cloud Consultant

To take your business to the next level, talk to our certified cloud architects. They will consult you on the right cloud computing solutions. Don’t hesitate to talk to them. Your hesitation may bring your business down.

Cloud Infrastructure

Our certified cloud experts will help you to build the right cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Security

How to ensure your security to the cloud, our security engineer will guide you.

Cloud Software

To run your business smoothly in the cloud, our experts will consult you about the software.

Cyber Security

It’s really a great concern for every organization. Anytime you may get cyber attacks. So, you must take the right measurements to protect your system, network and devices. Viva Nation offers you complete cyber security solutions.

Network Security

Our first concern of cyber security is network security to protect your overall network.

Infrastructure Security

Our most important cybersecurity task is to protect your infrastructure from any types of attack or malicious things.

Endpoint & Others

Our cyber security experts will guide you to secure your endpoint, data, cloud, devices, etc.

Remote Hands

If you want to create a virtual team for your business. We are here to help you to build it. Viva Nation has global recruitment partners who will help you to get the right employees for your business. What types of remote hands do you want?

Designs & Contents

This remote team will help you to create and design high quality contents for your business.


You can develop websites, mobile apps, and web applications with the remote hands.


For booming your product market our digital marketing experts will help you remotely.

Why Choose Us?

Right Guideline

Get the right consultancy from our certified technology experts and drive your business rapidly.

Proactive approach

Win the game and fulfill your dream with our game changers’ thoughts, skills, and experiences.

Enhanced Security

We follow the highest standard of industry security practice to confirm your business is safe.

Peace of Mind

Our peace driven team members always try to deliver the right things to ensure your peace of mind.

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