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As a digital marketing service provider, we are specialized in various aspects.

The following services you get from us: 

Branding Services

Think about your favorite shoe brand. Why is it your favorite? There are other famous shoe brands in the world, but why do you choose a particular one? Is it because the quality of the shoes are high-end? Is it because they have outstanding customer service? Is it because of the amazing posh flavor they add to their brand character? Or is it all of the above?
Whatever branding strategy they’ve used, one thing you can not deny is that they’ve created a brand identity in your subconscious mind.

So, why not create your own?

Market Research

  • Research about your potential and existing customers
  • Find out customer problems, demand and desired solution that they are looking for
  • Test the efficiency of your brand
  • Segment customers’ location, age & occupation etc.

Brand Design

  • Logo design
  • Brand Positioning
  • Develop value based positioning idea
  • Position your brand in your customers mind

How It Helps Your Business

> 43% customers purchase more products from brands they are loyal to
> Presenting your brand consistency can increase revenue up to 23%
> It takes only 0.05 seconds for site visitors to form an opinion about your brand
> 81% customers say that they need to trust a brand before purchasing products
> 86% customers say that brand authenticity is the key to decide which brand to support

Why Should You Choose Branding Services From Viva Nation?

> We will highlight your brand identity on various platforms 
> You get popular through the actions of others (i.e. likes, shares, feedback, recommendations, etc.)
> Stay ahead of your competitors and reach target customers in different ways
> We set your brand apart from competitors by bringing all your strengths & success together

User Experience (UX)

Which mobile app do you like most? Do you think about the reasons behind it? Maybe for its user friendly features or great solution.
The way how users easily interact with your app or website is user experience. How much your target users enjoy it to use?
It’s very important to the success of any website or application.

Research Usability

  • We do research and make your contents 100% authentic
  • We do test and retest usability so that it is easy to use for everyone


  • Create a website, app or software
  • Create unique site maps, user flow, colors & icons, mockups, images
    and videos

Create CTA

  • We create exclusive CTAs with
    every user experience design that
    helps you generate leads from site

How It Helps Your Business

> It helps to interact with the end user about products & services to create brand visibility
> It Integrates direct feedback from users to update your product or service
> Enhances customer satisfaction with user-friendly design
> Enhances customer satisfaction with user-friendly design

Why Should You Choose User Experience From Viva Nation?

> Our UX experts will do in-depth research on your product and business
> UX designers create many prototypes for testing and feedback
> After getting the positive feedback, the UX team will suggest the best one

Web Design & Development Service

After landing on a particular website, what attracts you most? The overall appearance of the website? Right! Studies have shown that 75% visitor assessment comes from web design. A strong web design and development can increase your leads rapidly.

Are you thinking of building a website with outstanding web design & development?

Web Strategy

Strategic web design &

Ecommerce website

Create outstanding digital
storefronts for your business

Custom Web design

Get your website design
customized on your preference

How It Helps Your Business

> A nicely designed website gets 94% interest in first impression 
> 62% of visitors keep surfing a website if the layout is attractive.
> 48% users think a business’s credibility is measured through web design.
> It will leverage your revenue by online store

Why Should You Choose Web Design & Development From Us?

> We define your business purpose and establish a strategy for your website that is suitable for your business 
> We provide site layout recommendations that will best work for your business and create a custom layout that matches your requirements
> Not only we design and develop your website but also we make sure of good maintenance of your website as well

Content Writing Services

The right contents convey the right message to the audience. Quality content is very important. Otherwise, the overall process of communication with your audience will be distorted. Content is the soul of all your approaches.

How it helps your business

> Almost 91% B2B marketers use content marketing to reach target customers 
> More than 60% B2C marketers use content marketing
> 53% marketers prioritizes blog content creation
> Content marketing increases customer engagement, says 72% marketers

Why should you choose Content Writing Services from Viva Nation?

> We write content that will steal readers’ interest that will sell your products/ service
> Our SEO friendly contents will reach your target audience and increase search engine rankings
> We provide quality content that will convince site visitors that your business is worth their time & money
> We create the voice of your brand through fine-quality contents that speaks about your company story

Graphic Design Services

Before purchasing any product online, what do you judge first? The outlook of the product, product feature and reviews right? Your sales decision also varies with company logo design, ads etc. That’s how graphic designers work. Graphic design helps you to stand out of the rest of your competitors through unique brand and product design.

How It Helps Your Business

> 60% site visitor makes the first impression in 10 seconds to create an impression of your brand logo. 
> More than 40 million businesses all over the world are marketing their product with graphic design.
> Human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text.
> 65% digital marketing experts say that visual assets (e.g.: images, infographic, videos & illustrations, etc.)
work best to improve a brand story.

Why Should You Choose Graphic Design Services From Viva Nation?

> Improve authenticity, framework/structure and appearance of your brand. 
> Ensure information & interpretation through creative infographics.
> Build visual identity & consistency of your brand

Video Production

If you want to engage your audience effectively, you need quality videos. Companies create videos to introduce their products to new customers and build strong relationships with the existing customers. When you use video production for your business it increases 72% customer interaction rather than images.

How It Helps Your Business

> Social media videos generate 1200% more shares than text or image content. 
> 86% business owners use video as a marketing tool.
> Video production gives the best ROI.
> Viewers say they learn 95% about a new product or service through a video.
> 24% more customers are purchasing a product or service due to video ads on social media

Why Should You Choose Branding Services From Viva Nation?

> We will create videos to create & enhance brand awareness for your business. 
> We will tell your brand story through our video production services for you to engage with customers more than ever.
> We will research and make the most trendy videos for your brand that adds value to your company.
> Our videos are 100% effective to interact with your customers’ needs and emotions.

Viva Nation: Your Trusted Digital Branding Partner

Supportive & Responsible

From project set-up to finishing, we take care, give support & take responsibility for your branding.

Meet Deadlines

Our expert team knows how to accomplish a project work done successfully in a limited amount of time.

Implementation & Management

We implement your brand and manage the overall activities to support your exact needs.

Affordable Price

Our service price is affordable and fair with no hidden charges.

Create A Success Plan

We create a successful branding plan for your business by researching your brand and competitors, target market and consumer psychology.

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