Mobile Recharge Transfer Business All You Need to know

Mobile Recharge Transfer Business: All You Need to know

The global workforce is stretching its wings to remote countries, and the demand for international mobile recharge transfer business is rapidly increasing. Sending an international mobile recharge to another country was challenging and expensive. There used to be a lot of hidden charges, and people involved in this business couldn’t make the most out of it. As technology evolves, it has made the mobile recharge transfer business faster, easier, and more secure. The cost of each international recharge transaction has decreased, and a healthy competition has grown around the market. Today’s blog is a guideline to all you need to know about the mobile recharge transfer business.

What is the mobile recharge transfer business?

Mobile recharge has evolved into a global currency due to the omnipresence of mobile phones. However, you might wonder what a mobile recharge transfer business is.

The mobile recharge transfer business is a  system that allows people to send airtime, data top-up, and more to a specific country or region to their family and friends. It is a commodity that can be stored as a value in mobile wallets. You can create opportunities for others to start prepaid or postpaid mobile recharge service businesses under your wing.


Local recharge transfer business

International recharge transfer business 

What is it? 

Sell recharge in a specific regional boundary

Sell international recharge globally from/to any locality


A decent margin previously settled by operators

5x more profit than local recharge business 

Devices & Connectivity

Smartphone or internet connections are not important

Smartphone or internet connections is a MUST

Market size

Limited inside a specific geographical area

It’s borderless. This means the whole world is one business market. 

Who can start the international recharge transfer business?

It is easy to start an international recharge transfer business as a reseller/distributor with the help of an established recharge business solution provider.

But to access full authority of the entire business and create your own model, you must purchase the complete solution. Or you can hire skilled developers & technical teams to build your customised solution. In most cases, extensive Fintech solution provider firms help you with customisation. It is rather less expensive than hiring individual developers & other technical people. 

Benefits of choosing a solution provider-

  • Save time, energy, and money.
  • Easily customizable into preference.
  • Self-brand implementation facility.
  • Launch your business right away.

What’s more, the ready-to-use solution comes with a service warranty or support initiative. So you don’t have to worry about paying extra bucks every time you face difficulty. Whereas, if you hire independent contractors, you may need to avail service from them again and again for any requisitions. Which is a big hassle.

Examples of the international recharge transfer business

The world of international recharge transfer business is vast. Once you start, you unlock the door of many potentials at once.

The most popular business examples are as follows-

  • Prepaid recharge
    Prepaid phone recharge is the most popular and highly demanding business scope in the market. 
  • PINs & vouchers
    You can sell local & international PINs. Also, start a gift voucher selling & exchanging business. 
  • DTH payment
    This business helps you to provide DTH dish payment services to local and remote countries as well. 
  • Utility bills payment
    You can also provide utility bills payment services internationally, such as gas, water, electricity, etc. 
  • Mobile money transfer
    The same business model lets you start an international mobile money transfer business simultaneously. 
Scope of mobile recharge transfer business

Scope of the international recharge transfer business

There are plenty of ways to start an international recharge transfer business. Depending on your capital size, the business scope varies. The creation of the  business scope is in your hands. So let’s find out what scopes this business offers-

  • Agent
    Agents can profit directly from customers by adding service charges before each transaction. The international recharge suppliers also offer a handsome commission. So your recharge transfer business can easily attract agents. 
  • Reseller/Distributor
    You can add unlimited resellers/distributors to your international mobile topup transfer business. And your resellers/distributors can add an unlimited number of agents under their accounts. Here the profit generates in multiple ways. You can give them the authority to set different rates for different agents without letting others know. The more recharge an agent sells, the more profit your reseller/distributor can make. Pretty impressive, right? It’s simple to convince them to join your business. 

So where’s your profit here? The profit lies in every step you take and every business opportunity you create. And as you get the solution on white label, you’ll have your brand name, logo, and theme to start the business as an individual. Your business will expand globally as you assign resellers/distributors under your business, and they assign agents under their accounts. The whole process is bigger than you can imagine.

How to start an international recharge transfer business

How to start an international recharge transfer business?

Starting an international recharge transfer business is easy! Let’s break it down into a few simple steps-

Step 1: Do thorough research
Before you dive into the international topup transfer business, you must do your complete research and make at least a 5-year forecasting plan of what you will do next. 

Step 2: Choose your business type
After completing your research & planning, you need to decide how you will start your business. You can start as an agent, as a reseller, or on a white label. Every business type provides a different profit margin. 

Step 3: Develop the solution or find a solution provider
As discussed earlier, you can develop the entire recharge transfer business solution by outsourcing developers & engineers. But to save time and money, you can purchase the ready-built solution by finding a suitable solution provider for this business.

Step 4: Place your brand identity
After the solution is ready, it’s time for you to place your brand name, logo, theme, and overall identity into the solution & get started. 

Step 5: Add resellers & agents by starting the business 
Soon after that, it’s time for you to assign agents & resellers to grow your business worldwide to get started. 

Pros & cons of the international recharge transfer business

There’s good and drawbacks to everything. Any small or large business has excellent profit potential. But it also has undeniable risk factors. Before you start your journey in the international recharge transfer business, you should be aware of both. 

The pros 
The excellent thing about this business is that it creates global business opportunities without having to cross any borders. You can start from anywhere in the world. 

The cons
The main challenge in this business is to convince the agents and resellers to switch their business network and rival products & join yours. There’s a risk of fraud due to virtual identity authenticity & payment collection. But if you can fix these issues, the business is all a money-making machine! 

How to choose the right international recharge solution provider

How to choose the right international recharge solution provider

The international recharge business is a lifetime opportunity. So you should select the provider wisely whom you will partner with. To choose the perfect international recharge service provider, you should consider the following-

  • Smart rate monitor
    The provider should offer you a smart rate monitoring solution to track all supplier rate changes in a single place.
  • Flexible pricing
    You should be able to set flexible pricing for the distributors and agents so they can offer it to their customers.
  • Dedicated support
    Your service provider should offer you 24/7 dedicated technical & consultancy support. That will help you with technical issues and grow your business exponentially.
  • Universal portal or app
    Make sure the provider you’re choosing can represent a universal recharge portal or app, or both that is accessible from everywhere and to everyone.


Online platforms must now integrate and manage an all-inclusive recharge experience for their customers, such as airtime topup, data packages, combo, bill payment, etc. This particular blog covers every aspect of the mobile recharge transfer business that you need to know to get started. 

Viva Nation provides an intuitive developer-centric cloud platform for global airtime top-up transfers in SAAS or white label. Feel free to contact us to find out more about how we make it happen for you.

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